Keep reading for the latest news on some of the adopted animals YOU help us look after. 

Gopal the Tiger

A tiger lies down on the forest floor

© Wildlife SOS

Now aged 14, our wonderful rescued tiger is in his golden years, so the expert vet team at his sanctuary in India meticulously plan his diet to optimise health and support his bones. Food is provided in his den so he can dig into his meal in peace! The team also provide him with plenty of enrichment to keep him occupied, including a sack filled with scented straw to pique his curiosity!

Born Free celebrates Gopal’s 10th anniversary at Bannerghatta Tiger Sanctuary

Timtom the Orangutan

Timtom the orangutan hanging off a tree trunk

© Orangutan Foundation

“Timtom is the cheekiest character in our soft-release programme,” explains Ashley Leiman, from the Orangutan Foundation. Most days, the team in Borneo takes her to the forest across the river and Timtom loves travelling by boat. When they try to walk to the nearby forest instead, she escapes and runs back to the boat dock! She certainly knows where she does and doesn’t want to go…

The Elephant Family

A mother elephant walks behind her young calf

© Amboseli Trust for Elephants

The elephants faced many challenges last year due to a terrible drought in Kenya but, fortunately, the rains returned and grass grew back. Not surprisingly, the hungry elephants had huge appetites and not just for food… Our colleagues at Amboseli Trust for Elephants reported a big increase in mating and the return of many male elephants not seen for years!

The Pangolin Family

A pangolin is walking vertically down a tree branch

© Sangha Pangolin Project

As well as caring for rescued pangolins, our colleagues in Central Africa Republic study wild pangolins as well. They recently organised a survey for black-bellied pangolins, carried out by local Ba’aka villagers who are knowledgeable of the forest and experienced in finding pangolins. Motion sensor cameras were also used and a total of four pangolins were observed, a very positive start!