June 2023


The latest news on some of the adopted animals YOU help us look after.

Gopal the tiger lying on his side, close up of his head

Saving the species

Thank you Gopal, and all his adopters! You don’t just fund our rescued tiger’s expert care at our sanctuary in India, you also support conservation of this endangered species. And the latest from India is that, wild tigers are on the up! There are now 3,167, over double the number in 2004-6 and nearly 20 years since our work began there.


Two giraffes facing each other with their necks crossing over

Every giraffe matters

Thanks to adopters, our dynamic Twiga* Team is hard at work in Kenya, keeping our extended long-legged family safe. In the last year, they’ve removed 677 deadly snares – set illegally by poachers to catch wildlife – and identified 197 of Meru’s estimated 1,400 giraffes. How DO you ID a giraffe?! Read our blog to find out!

An orca leaping out of the water with a play button overlaid

Keep your eyes peeled

How DO you monitor one of the world’s fastest marine mammals, living in the vast seas around Canada? Webcams and hydrophones! Our team at Orcalab, supported by adopters since 1994, use these to help keep a close eye/ear on Springer and her extended community. Now you can sneak a peek but, be patient! Watch the webcam…


A tiny brown bear cub lying down looking at the camera

Morning, noon and night

With your support, our friends at Orphan Bear Rescue Centre in Russia are working round the clock caring for TEN helpless rescued newborns. “We feed them a special milk formula from bottles,” explains their carer Katya Pazhetnova, “but, soon we will start to teach them to eat porridge from bowls.” You can read the full story here!